We are excited to introduce Quality Cuttings Team! In close partnership with Floraplant S.A. de C.V., Quality Cuttings Team will continue to be the reliable supplier you have grown to count on for high quality plant material and helpful, friendly service.

Quality Cuttings Team was founded as part of a corporate restructuring of HMA Plants, branching the sales administration and representation of our unrooted cuttings program to a new employee-owned company, Quality Plants Team, LLC.

The Quality Cuttings Team company is led by CEO & Owner Jacqueline Azbill and COO & Owner Carolyn Forro. We work in close partnership with Floraplant S.A. de C.V. Jeff Watt, owner of HMA Plants, will focus on business development and breeder relationships for the new company, and is looking forward to continuing HMA Plants and the relationships he has built over more than 20 years.

At Quality Cuttings Team, we believe our customers are our most valuable partners, and we are committed to supporting their success. Our customer service in the wholesale horticulture trade is second to none, with reliable service and production quality. We’re excited to help you bring new, colorful, exciting varieties to your customers!

We are here to help you in any way we can.  If you’d like to speak with us directly, please call toll-free at 1-844-QCT-TEAM (1-844-728-8326) or e-mail us at orders@qualitycuttings.com.

Kind Regards,

Jacqueline Azbill CEO, Quality Cuttings Teamjacqueline@qualitycuttings.com

Carolyn Forro COO, Quality Cuttings TeamCarolyn@qualitycuttings.com